I’m tired of the professionalization of knowledge. Every area of thinking has become specialized, dissected. There is always someone more authoritative on any given set of ideas; some framework laid down that you ought to have picked up and thought through before speaking. The space for arguing and debating is reduced – speakers feel they do not have the legitimacy to talk because “they don’t know what they’re talking about”. In turn, thinking becomes a compulsive act of chasing – thoughts, articles, pages, links, ever onward. There is always more to read.

Some people seem to thrive on this. But I find it exhausting. I feel like it takes away my independence in thinking and structuring ideas. I feel like someone from medieval England, always looking for some classical author to back me up, validate me. And it takes away from the fun of making.

So: To hell with what the world says. This blog is a space for thoughts to come straight ‘from my brain’. They’re written, in fact, assuming that the internet does not exist. My rules (see below) require that I can’t check Wikipedia and there are no libraries. If it’s not in my brain, it’s not on the page.

Don’t worry. I don’t think for a moment that this means my ideas are original (ha!). Only that they’re MINE, uninterrupted, pushed out the nest of my head while they were still young enough to enjoy life. They draw on the people I know, the things I’ve seen, the books I’ve read, but without turning back to check the facts… They’re messy, in that you-know-what thingumajig-I-can’t-quite-remember way. And they’re personal – my life jogged them into me somehow.

Don’t stomp on them. If you want well-informed, finished, authoritative ideas… go find them… somewhere else…And if they speak to you, well, come in and play.


To introduce some discipline, the blog has the following rules.

  1. I am not allowed to look up anything while writing a blog post; nor am I allowed to edit information once a post has been written, in the light of new ideas.
  2. As far as possible, posts should not be ‘researched’ in advance; they are intended to be the result of spontaneous thought processes. They may draw on things I have experienced and read, but only so far as I am able to recall them without assistance.
  3. I may provide updates at the end of posts, if my ideas change, following conversations with others; to flag any major errors.
  4. I am allowed to edit posts with respect to language and style (nothing is achieved by bad writing).
  5. Posts may not hyperlink to anything. Ever. You’re in my brain and it doesn’t have hyperlinks. Google something if you want to know more.
  6. If it takes more than 1,000 words to say, it isn’t worth saying…

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